Hair Follicle Release Drops
by Framesi


Hair Follicle Release Drops
by Framesi

Hair Follicle Release Drops
by Framesi
framesi hair follicle release treatment by Framesi

Hair Follicle Release Drops
by Framesi
: With this program Framesi offers a SCALP treatment program to release hair follicles. You treat the scalp to release the hair.

The Hair Follicle Release Drops
by Framesi
contains three products formulated with high concentrations of vital ingredients and functional nutrients.  (click to find your Framesi Salon)
  (about Hair Follicle Release Scalp Treatment)

Hair Follicle Release Shampoo

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► Mediterranean BLUEBERRY
- Powerful Antioxidant
- “Superfruit”
► a fruit rich in Anthocyanosides which promote the supply of blood to the hair bulbs.
► ensures the right amount of oxygen and nutrients needed for hair re-growth and helps combat premature aging of the hair.
“Nature’s Premier Preventitive or Antibiotic”
► Rich in Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients, offers antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral properties.
►Medicinal marvel from the beehive
► Biotin - Vitamin H ► Strengthens hair by producing keratin and reducing hair loss
► helps accelerate hair re-growth by keeping hair follicles nourished
“Crown Jewel” of the Beehive
► Derived from honey bees, rich in nutrients, B vitamins, proteins and minerals that stimulate hair growth.
► antibacterial
► Wheat Protein ► Nourishing vegetable protein containing keratin-like amino acids that nourish the hair bulb and strengthen hair

► Vitamin B5


►Nourishes and stimulates bulb metabolism, thickens hair
► Humectant that increases the water content of hair and improves its elasticity
► Menthol ► refreshing anti-odor natural derivative
► Cationic Conditioning Bodifier ► Provides body and shine with excellent combability and anti-static properties.

Hair Follicle Release Drops
An intensive, energizing treatment that
delivers essential nutrients to the scalp and
creates an environment conducive to hair
growth. Contains Mediterranean Blueberries, along with vitamin H, vitamin B5, wheat proteins, propolis, "nature's antibiotic" and royal jelly the "crown jewel" of the beehive.

framesi hair follicle release dropsResults:
• increases circulation, strengthening and revitalizing the hair bulb
• ensures oxygen and nutrients for hair growth anti-aging
• thicker, stronger hair and less hair loss


Distribute Hair Follicle Release Drops over the  scalp and massage with small circular movements, paying particular attention to the areas of the head where hair loss is most evident.

The treatment can be used either after washing with Hair Follicle Release Shampoo or on dry hair:
    • -- after washing,
      apply & wait 3-5 minutes before drying the hair:
    • -- on dry hair,
      apply & leave the product on for a few minutes to dry on its own.

Regime: for best results:

  • -- Start by applying Hair Follicle Release Drops twice a day for 4 weeks, and then
  • -- Continue with just one application per day for a further 4 weeks.

Hair Follicle Release Fluid

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Found exclusively in Framesi Hair salons. Plus Framesi is so serious about this product line that participating Framesi Hair Salon must stock all of the Framesi Scalp & Hair Treatment products. (as seen on Hair

Efficacy (capacity or power to produce a desired effect) tests conducted by EVIC - La Sapienza University - Rome

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To find your Framesi Salon Call 1-800-321-9648 for Framesi USA. Give them your zip code and ask where the closet Framesi Hair Salon offering the  Hair Follicle Release - Scalp Treatment Program   is located. They tell us the information will be available at in the future, but the salon locater page is not available at this time.

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Hair Follicle Release Drops
by Framesi

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